Infused Prerolls

1G Exotixx Hash Joints $7 Each

-Space Gelato X White Wookie

-Tropicanna Cookies X Tropicanna Cookies 

1G Exotixx Kief Joints $7 Each

-Wookie Lov Sprinkles

-Gorilla Truffle Mac

1G Twister Diamond Preroll $12 Each or 2 For $20

-Garlic Bread

-Purple Haze

-Purple Panty Dropper

1G Diamond Infused Preroll | Garlic Bread $12 OTD

1G Infused Preroll | Purple Haze $12 OTD

1G Infused Preroll | Purple Panty Dropper $12 OTD

Space Gelato X White Wookie $8 Each OTD

Tropicanna CookiesXTropicanna Cookies $8 OUT OF STOCK

Apple Fritter X Nut Butter $7 OTD OUT OF STOCK

Gorilla Truffle Mac $7 Each OTD


Product only sold in person at our store in Bristow Oklahoma to Medical License Card Holders