Apples & Bananas

Cherry Runtz       THC-27.33% Terps-1.23%    $50 OZ OUT OF STOCK

Apple Fritter         THC-24.12% Terps-1.16%   $50 OZ

Toasted Pecans     THC-22.6% Terps-2.65%   $8G - 7G-$50 (192 OZ)

Lemon Tree           THC-19.27% Terps-1.90%   $10G - 7G-$60 (192 OZ)  

Horchata               THC-20.55% Terps-1.66%  $8G - 7G-$50 (225 OZ)  

Flight Plan            THC-27.91% Terps-2.28%   $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

Mango Mintz         THC-23.69 Terps-3.98%      $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

(Can Give Sativa Effects Smells & Looks like Sativa)

Cheetah Piss         THC-22.70% Terps-2.04%   $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

Grandpas Gun Chest THC-21.01% Terps-2.17% $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ) 

Hawaiian Bonfire   THC-28.18% Terps-1.99%   $10G - 7G-$60 ($225 OZ)

(Hawaiian Bonfire can give sativa effects)

Triangle Canyon     THC-25.55% Terps-5.17%  $10G - 7G-$60 ($225 OZ)

Apples & Bananas  THC-25.45 Terps-4.87%    $10G - 7G-$60 ($225 OZ)

Hawaiian Bonfire

Triangle Canyon

Kush Mints

 Toasted Pecans (Out Of Stock)

La Kush Cake (Out Of Stock)

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