Drops Of Jupiter

Leprechaun Trap  THC-22.29% Terps-2.35%   $6G - 7G-$38 (140 OZ)

Cereal Milk    THC-21.62% Terps 1.79%   $8G | 7G-$50 | 14G-$97 (190 OZ) 

Mac 1             THC-19%  Terps-1.25%       $8G | 7G-$50 | 14G-$97 (190 OZ)

Cherry Paloma THC-19.4 Terps-2.59%       $10G | 7G-$60 | 14G-$115 (225 OZ)

Sundae Driver  THC-19.2% Terps 1.59%    $10G | 7G-$60 | 14G-$115 (225 OZ)

Zittles Pie      THC-22.15% Terps-2.44%    $10G | 7G-$60 | 14G-$115 (225 OZ)

Gorilla Butter  THC-19.12% Terps-2.43%   $10G | 7G-$60 | 14G-$115 (225 OZ) 

Gary Payton    THC-23.39% Terps-1.87%   $10G | 7G-$60 | 14G-$115 (225 OZ)

Grandpas Gun Chest THC-21.01% Terps-2.17% $10G | 7G-$60 | 14G-$115 (225 OZ) 

Georgia Pie

Wine Bash

Lemon Berry Kush

Apples & Bananas (Out Of Stock)

RS 11

La Kush Cake (Out Of Stock)

Kush Mints (Out Of Stock)

 Toasted Pecans (Out Of Stock)

All Pictures Of Flower are Taken in our Store. You get what you see!

Product only sold in person at our store in Bristow Oklahoma to Medical License Card Holders