Gold Rush Premium Extracts 

-1000MG THC Gummies- $40 Each 2 For $60 3 For $110 Out Of Stock

-2000MG THC Gummies- $50 Each 2 For $90  Out Of Stock

These are 100mg Per Gummie for a total of 20 Gummies Per 2000mg bag                                 

-120mg/THC 120mg/CBD 100mg/CBN Gummies- $15 Each

-300MG Gummies- $15 Each


Flavors Available

-Wild Cherry 2000MG

- Blue Raspberry 2000MG

- Grape 2000MG

- Strawberry Banna 1000MG

- Blue Raspberry 300MG

- Lemon Lime 300MG Night Time

- Grape 300MG Night Time

2000MG THC Gold Rush Gummies $45 OUT OF STOCK

2000MG THC Gold Rush Gummies $45 OUT OF STOCK

120MG THC | 120MG CBD | 100MG CBN $15 OTD

1000MG THC Gold Rush Gummies $25 OTD

1500MG Pain Cream  $40 Each

This cream works very well with any kind of pain like arthurites or injuries. You get 1000MG THC & 500MG CBD in 1 Jar. These are not made to get you high. They are to help the pain or discomfort your feeling. 

Most the employees use this cream at our shop & swear by it.

1000MG THC | 500MG CBD Pain Cream $40 OTD

1000MG THC | 500MG CBD Pain Cream $40 OTD

Gold Rush Premium Extracts is a locally owned and operated company in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Highest Quality CO2 Cannabis Extraction

We use CO2 botanical oil extraction systems utilizing subcritical and supercritical CO2 – a safer, cleaner, pure way to extract plant oils.   

Solvent Free Products

Our CO2 extraction method and solventless short path distillation processes guarantee that absolutely no residual solvent will be present in the final product.   

Our Promise to You

Our promise to you is to provide consistent high grade cannabis products. We focus on bringing out the most beneficial qualities of each strain that we process.   

Product only sold in person at our store in Bristow Oklahoma to Medical License Card Holders