Biscotti X Kush Mints

Sour Apple  ($50 OZ)

Purple Panty Dropper ($60 OZ)

Gelly Biscuit        THC-24.60% Terps-2.63%    $5G  - 7G-$30 ($75 OZ) 

Grandpas Stash   THC-24.87% Terps-2.26%     $5G  - 7G-$30 ($75 OZ)

Biscotti X Kush Mints THC-26.31% Terps-2.35% $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

Greasy Runtz         THC-27.35% Terps-1.58%     $10G - 7G-$60 (200 OZ)

Gypsy Soap            THC-30.04% Terps-4.11%     $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

Wine Bush             THC-26.07 Terps-3.35%        $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

Grape Sundae        THC-29.66% Terps-3.87%    $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

Cherry Octane       THC-19.09 Terps 3.37%        $10G - 7G-$60 (200 OZ)

Biscotti Pie            THC-21.14% Terps-1.69%    $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

Dosi X Ice               THC-20.80% Terps-2.26%   $8G - 7G-$50 ($175 OZ)

Greasy Runtz

Scottie 2 Hottie (Out Of Stock)

Halloween Candy (Out Of Stock)

Hard Candy  (Out Of Stock)

Gelato Cake (Out Of Stock)

 Bitter Sweet  (Out Of Stock)

All Pictures Of Flower are Taken in our Store. You get what you see!

Product only sold in person at our store in Bristow Oklahoma to Medical License Card Holders

Payton's Pie