Payton's Pie

Wedding Pie                                                          $50 OZ

Gushers               THC-23.56% Terps-1.51%       $50 OZ

Powpaya              THC-22.46% Terps-2.35%       $50 OZ 

White Truffle        THC-27.34% Terps-1.72%        $60 OZ

Gelly Biscuit        THC-23.78% Terps-2.67% $5G  - 7G-$30 ($60 OZ) 

Stuffed Cherry Gelato THC-27.91% Terps-2.46% $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

Point Break         THC-19.51% Terps-2.10%    $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

(High Times deemed Point Break a Strain of the Day for 4/20 week 2023) 

Biscotti Pie          THC-21.14% Terps-1.69%    $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

Hard Candy          THC-30.87% Terps-3.31%    $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

Scottie Piffin        THC-26.5% Terps-2.40%     $10G - 7G-$60 (225 OZ)

Scottie 2 Hottie    THC-20.44% Terps-2.50%   $8G - 7G-$50 ($150 OZ)

Dosi X Ice              THC-20.80% Terps-2.26%   $8G - 7G-$50 ($175 OZ)

Payton Pie #14     THC-26.68% Terps-4.55%   $10G - 7G-$60 ($225 OZ)

Halloween Candy

Scottie 2 Hottie

 Bitter Sweet

Hard Candy

 Rainbow Belts (Out Of Stock)

Gelato Cake (Out Of Stock)

Reign Man (Out Of Stock)

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