Zen Cannabis Edibles

  1000 MG THC Chocolate Bar


(Temperarely Out Of Stock of Chocolate Bars)

(Flavors In Stock)

-Peanut Butter & Chocolate

-Cookies & Cream

-White Chocolate

50 MG THC Gummies $6 Each

These Are Full Spectrume Indica & Sativa 

Flavors in stock 

-Fruit Punch 

THC NiteNite Drink 40MG CBD / 10mg THC  5mg Melatonin Grape Flavor

$10 Each

-250mg THC Gummies Assorted Flavors- (Gummies are mixed with indica Hybrid & Sativa)

$20 Each

About Zen Cannabis Company

Zen Cannabis is America’s fastest growing national cannabis edibles brand becoming the trusted go-to name in cannabis edibles. Currently the mainstay in cannabis marketplaces in California, Missouri, Oklahoma, Massachusetts and distributing to over 20 European countries in the EU with ZenCBD. With the additional 6 new U.S. activating this year, Zen Cannabis is poised to become the #1 cannabis edible brand in the world by 2024. Zen Cannabis does not simply focus on one type of ingestible product but offers a full range of high-quality edibles, tinctures, and drinks in a variety of potencies and cannabinoid combinations. 


Zen Cannabis is committed to creating reliable and high-quality products for every kind of cannasseur or cannabis-curious consumer. With locally sourced ingredients and seasoned local staffs in every market, Zen Cannabis not only creates reliable and trusted products and follows all local regulations, but also supports and contributes to the local economies. All products are engineered with care and thoughtful creativity and are triple tested for quality assurance, consistency, and consumer confidence. 


At the forefront of the cannabis trends and tastes, Zen Cannabis prides itself on its involvement in all facets of contemporary cannabis culture, most recently having partnered with renowned street artist and designer Shepard Fairey also known as OBEY GIANT.


A well-known and well-respected brand, Zen Cannabis utilizes the most efficient and up-to-date technologies to infuse high-quality cannabinoids into edibles, drinks, vape pens, and tinctures, Zen Cannabis wants to help you find your zen, however you need it.